~!!!KrAaAaAaAaAaZzZzYyYyY cLuB!!!~
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Hey dudettes (and maybe dudes) welcome to the krazy club!! Take a peek around, weve got tagboard and chat, penpals and goss, but you MUST be registerd!! (details on Krazy regisration)

Hey guys, Chrisina here, (oooh posh name) but i prefer chrissie (still posh...)
As youve probably guessed my tiny little brain one day thought "I'm krazy, maybe other people are too! I'll get a club up and running!) and, voila, I have! YaAaAAaAAy!
Theese are peeps who are in the club right now.
If your not here gmail me! (or email)

lalalolly - louise
xXX_Jade_XXx - jade
happigirl - Hope
crystal023 - crystal
silent_dream - Joanna
Girlpic number

hey need a friend?
Look on the penpals page!! I'm also always up for a new pal so gmail me!!



I'm also giving out awards for the following things

cometition winner
kindest person on tag-board
kindest person on chat
a good desription of themselves on penpals
best suggestion for the club.
Being nice on the message board.

me!! (lol)
Just kidding, find out stuff about me on "eyes on me"
Send an email